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Campaign for Fiscal Equity

Norman Fruchter

Norm Fruchter, Executive Director of the Institute for Education and Social Policy at New York University, described the numerous problems faced by the approximately 100 SURR (Schools Under Registration Review) schools in New York City. These include: unqualified teachers (20 - 30 % of the teachers are uncertified), a high percentage of principal turnover and severe overcrowding. Professor Fruchter testified that there are 300 other schools in NYC that face similar problems but have not yet been identified as SURR.

Mr. Fruchter testified that although it may be possible to “turn around” some of these low-performing schools, the overall lack of resources in the system create a triage situation, and efforts devoted to aiding a particular SURR school will likely draw scarce resources from other parts of the system, creating additional problems in those sectors.

He described the difficulty in bringing SURR students up to the Regents’ learning standards. Mr. Fruchter testified that the lack of services in the elementary schools results in compound problems for high school students who need a “recuperative environment”-- a system to overcome the added impediments that years of educational neglect have imposed on them.

Testimony given on March 1 & 3, 2000

Parents from across the state march on the Capitol in Albany to show support for CFE.
CFE Litigation CFE v. State of New York
In 2006, after 13 years in the Courts, the New York State Court of Appeals affirmed the right of every public school student in New York to the opportunity for a sound basic education and the state’s responsibility to adequately fund this right, but deferred to the Governor and the Legislature to determine the appropriate amount. more >